Welcome to the Cause

Welcome the The Advocare Flash.  I just wanted to say howdy and welcome you to our website.

The articles and posts you will find here will benefit you and your growth.  Understanding why you feel certain ways, at certain times, becomes a defining factor in you growth.

Think of it this way.  If you do not know why you feel a certain way, which is what drives you to do certain things, it is very hard to make any changes.  The first step that must me taken is accepting responsibility for you actions.

We all have to get past the blame game.  It’s always easier to just blame it on someone else, right?

It’s a funny thing in life, when something goes well, everyone is pointing out all the things they did right, that led up to the success they are living.  However, the accountability stops there, because when something goes wrong, the finger pointing starts.It's Your Fault




Think about this for a bit, and stay tune next time.

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