How can you be who you want to be

So, as you know, we typically have talked about education, as an aide to help you with your transition.  We will continue to do that.  We also want to talk about your growth, as an individual.

You can consider it education, but it is more like a realization.  Most people get so caught up with the everyday struggles in life, they are really not living, but only surviving.  This does not give much time for yourself.

No, I don’t mean going the beach or the movies.  I don’t mean, “let’s do something for me today”; Shopping.  I mean for yourself.  Really get to know yourself.  Most that go through this process of learning about themselves, where they came from, why they act and feel the way they do, realize that there are some areas, where they can grow.

Some very successful people suggest the biggest growth has come from learning about themselves.  You need to understand what makes you tick and why.  Truly, the why is less important than the what, but worth understanding why you do the things you do.

You see if you understand why you do the things you do, then you understand the triggers that promote your actions.  If you do not like the actions, then you simply control the trigger point.

That is why understanding what you do is so important.  Once you know what you do, then you decide if you like the things you do and the way you react.  If you don’t, then you move forward to make some adjustments, so you do not do any of those things anymore.  We will get into the How later.

Change for the better

Right now, just work on analyzing yourself, so we can make the most progress.